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Worldarts by Ecoreal



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The Artist

Mijo Kocacic  was a Croatian native painter.

Mijo Kovacic was born on 5 August 1935 in Gornja Suma, Molve, Croatia. As a child, Mijo spent a lot of time with his mother, who encouraged his imagination through folklore and scary stories, which eventually helped him to develop his artistic career. Mijo also had the task of looking after the family cow, and since he spent so much time with the animal, it became the subject of his paintings.

Mijo's painting talent was already evident in his childhood. Mijo painted pictures of a boy sitting next to a cow, on a cart or on his mother's back. However, for financial reasons, Mijo could not continue to go to school and only developed further through self-study. When Mijo was 18 years old, he heard about the famous painters Krsto Hegedušić and Ivan Generalić and decided to take lessons from them.

Mijo was able to establish a relationship with Ivan Generalić, who lived in a nearby town, and he began to study with him. During his studies, Mijo achieved mastery in painting. A year later, Mijo exhibited his works for the first time in Koprivnica. From then on, Mijo remained determined and ambitious to take his painting to the extreme.


The artwork

This is a lithography  from artist Mija Kovacic


 not numbered

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